What do you need to know about coffee brewing as shared by the professionals?


What do you need to know about coffee brewing as shared by the professionals?


Well, there is an end to the contraptions available for brewing coffee. These are platinum machines, dual-chambered glass coffee vacuums that look like futuristic robots, and this helps to prepare the freshly ground beans. At the best cafe in Sydney or a restaurant in Sydney, the chef makes sure that coffee brewing is done correctly. Let’s understand its steps in detail:

 Step 1: Purchase the coffee beans from a local roaster

Make sure that you visit the local roaster and buy the best quality beans every week. Once you have brought them make sure to store them in an airtight container. Do not keep them in places that have direct sunlight, cold, and moisture.

You should never store them in the freezer or fridge. If you do not store them correctly, it is going to damage them. So, it is better to buy only that much quantity which you can drink in one week.

Step 2: Buy a burr grinder

You should buy the burr grinder immediately if you are grinding your beans. If you do it with the blade grinder then the beans are not even which is going to affect the coffee extraction and the flavor will be affected.

Step 3: Do the grinding on time

You need to grind the beans only right after you have brewed them. To get the perfect flavor you need to make sure that you follow these steps carefully.


Step 4: Using a Cheme

You’ll Need:

  • 24 fluid oz of water at 206F or 97C
  • 55g of ground coffee


What are the steps you need to follow?

  • In the Chemex brewer, you need to place the pre-wet filter. Following that you need to add the ground coffee.
  • Into that put hot water in 24 fluid oz in the vessel or insulated pitcher.
  • You should start the pre-infusion of the coffee by adding the water to the coffee grounds. Make sure you add the water evenly.
  • You need to let the coffee beans bloom and this way the water is absorbed properly.
  • Once the bloom has started to fall, water needs to be poured evenly in a spiral fashion. You need to begin from the chamber centre and then reach the outer edge.
  • When the water reaches the top chamber it is going to get transferred to the bottom chamber. Make sure that the water level is consistent in the top chamber. Keep in mind, this process is going to need multiple pours.
  • Once the water has been added you need to wait for 1 to 2 minutes so that the brewing process is completed and the coffee has reached the bottom chamber.
  • Once you are done you need to remove the filter.