Have you ever tried coffee meditation What are the ways to meditate with coffee


Have you ever tried coffee meditation? What are the ways to meditate with coffee?

Coffee can help you get in a ZEN mode

We all know meditation gives us inner peace, improves our thinking, helps our mind to get relaxed, and gives us the energy to live in the moment. Much of the research has also shown that when a person meditates it improves their overall well-being. You can say the person can channel all their thoughts and give their best to everything, no matter what they do. On the other hand, if the person is not focused or has negative thoughts, it will affect their work and overall health.

Do you know coffee and meditation make the perfect combination? Let’s make you understand ‘How’?

How is coffee meditation the best idea?

The aroma of coffee is divine itself. Coffee lovers can understand what we are talking about. Have you ever visited a coffee tasting? I have. It was around 45 minutes which had all the perfect local coffee roasters and wonderful tasting. In the session, we were told about how we can relax over a cup of coffee and we were even made familiar with the new coffee flavors. One thing which I came to understand is that we need to concentrate on how we feel when we have a cup of coffee. What we go through should be the center of attention and not just the tasting. It was something else and exceptionally different which I have not noticed before. You only need to concentrate on the aroma and flavor. Once you do you will understand how you get into that ‘ZEN’ mode.

How can I meditate on Coffee?

  • Sit down and relax

Make sure that you are as relaxed as you can and make sure to sit in the posture which makes you feel the utmost comfort. You do not have to worry about the daily stuff. Simply, spend your time gazing around you. Just stare at the cup, do not taste and touch it.

  • Pay attention to your breath

Just feel how it goes through the nose. Close your eyes and see how comfortable you will get. Do 5 deep breathing from the nose, depending on your own pace. Make sure you focus simply on breathing. During the entire time, you should not worry about anything or stress over a particular situation.

  • Shift attention to beans

Now you need to shift your attention to the coffee beans, place your right hand into the cup with the bean. Just feel the way your skin feels. After you have done that for some time, take out your hand. Now, again do breathing for 5 circles.

  • Shift attention to ground coffee

Now you need to focus on the cup which has ground coffee in it. You need to put your left hand and see how it feels against the skin. Once you have done it for a long time, take your hand out.

  • Keep your breath calm

Now you need to take the cup of coffee in your hand and concentrate on how it makes you feel. Is it rough, warm, cold, or smooth? Then, gently take 5 breath circles through your nose.

  • Keep in the front of your face

Now take the coffee mug and keep it in the front & breathe through the nose. You need to concentrate on the aroma and take 5 deep breaths.

  • Keep holding it

Now you need to bring it down, but keep on holding it and concentrate on your breathing. Feel the way it makes you breathe and again take 5 deep breaths through your nose.

  • Take a sip

Finally! You can take a sip from the coffee mug and let it twiddle in the mouth. See how it makes you feel. After that, you need to take 5 deep breaths.

  • Concentrate on flavor

Now you need to shift your focus on the flavor like it is sweet, acid, or bitter. Again, take 5 deep breaths.

  • Continue drinking

You can drink your coffee and hold the cup in your hand and then concentrate on your breath. By this time, you will feel your mind is relaxed and it will make you feel comfortable. You will be more energized to do your work.

Finally! You have completed your meditation coffee break. Just try it out and see how it gives you an additional boost of energy.

Grab a cup of coffee and Enjoy!



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