Which are the coffee order-related terms that we should know to use?

Which are the coffee order-related terms that we should know to use?

Which are the coffee order-related terms that we should know to use?

The people who regularly go to the cafe are well acquainted with the coffee terms like that of the cap, solo, decaf and skinny. But the ones who are going to visit the cafe in Sydney for the first time are not familiar with the terms. So in this blog, we shall be telling you the popular terms that you need to learn to order at coffee shop in Sydney:

  • Cap

Are you a great fan of the cappuccino? Good to know. So from now onwards, shorten it up with ‘cap’.

  • Decaf

When the customer wants to order the coffee who’s caffeine content is limited to only 2 %. Usually, the following are helpful in this regard:

  • Swiss water process
  • Chemical applications
  • Double

You can use double (two times more) in any of the following senses:

  • Double shot of espresso
  • Double flavour syrup
  • Double packs of the sugar
  • Double the amount of the milk
  • Double Double

When the double is written or said two times, then it is the Canadian style coffee which will include the following:

  • Double creamer packets
  • Double sugar packets
  • Dry

When you want to order coffee which only contains the frothed milk, then you should be ordering it by using the term ‘Dry coffee’.

  • Extra

Whenever you like the extra inclusion of something like syrup, milk etc.

  • Half caf

This type of coffee is the one to one ratio of the decaffeinated and the regular coffee. This is also known as the split shot and the half and half.

  • Mocha

This is a coffee drink that is made with extra shots of chocolate powder or chocolate syrup.

  • Regular

When coffee is not decaffeinated,l then it is known as regular coffee.

  • Milk

You can make the baristas include the milk of your choice like the following:

  • Soymilk
  • Almond milk
  • Rice milk
  • Quad

Quad as we all know denotes the number 4. So the quad in the coffee is used in the context that 4 shots of the espresso are to be included in the coffee.

  • Skinny

When a coffee drink is made by including non-fat milk.

  • Shot

Shots are referred to as one size servings.

  • Single

When you want to order only one shot of the espresso, then ‘single’ is used. Besides, it can also be sued in the following contexts:

  • Single sugar
  • A single shot of the flavour
  • Sugar-free

To get flavoured syrup incorporated without the direct inclusion of the sugar, you can order by using the sugar-free term.

  • Triple

When the desired shots for the espresso are three, then you can use the term triple.

  • Wet

When you do not require any foam but require a larger quantity of milk, then it is termed as wet coffee.

  • Whipped

To get the whipped cream added to your coffee, use the term ‘whipped’.

  • With legs

To enjoy the coffee in the unique cup which has a lid over it, use the term ‘coffee with legs’